A Brief History of Blue Star

Blue Star Wicca had it’s start with a single coven, “the Coven of the Blue Star” founded in the mid 1970’s. It was started by Frank (known as “Franque the Wizard” in both the SCA and Pagan communities) who received his second degree in the American Welsh tradition via Eddie Buczynski and “Lady Kay”. Frank ran an occult shop “The Wise One” in Norris, Pennsylvania. He left American Welsh in 1974, and held informal forums with other local occultists at the shop.

The first Blue Star Grove was born in 1974 and grew out of those forums. Lady Pamela, a Gardeniarian High Priestess from the Philadelphia Pagan Way was adopted as an Elder.

In 1975, at a New Year’s eve SCA party, Frank met Tzipora. She was initiated into Blue Star. By September of 1975, the group was fully functional and then grew with affiliate groups meeting in Philadelphia, Monticello and Binghampton. At some point, Frank and Tzipora moved to New York’s West Village, with Blue Star moving with them. Their apartment became a covenstead with open Sabbats. In April of 1978 Frank and Tzipora opened “Tzipora and the Wizard” in New York, where they continued to host open circles.

Fusing elements from a variety of sources, the coven was humorously listed as practicing “Great American Nontraditional Collectic Eclectic Wicca” during its registration process as the thirty-ninth member coven of the Covenant of the Goddess (COG) in February 1980 sponsored by Margot Adler, Selena Fox and Starhawk.

Kenny Klein met Tzipora in the early 80’s, moving into the covenstead. In 1983, Klein received his second Degree and Frank began stepping away from the coven he built. Frank and Tzipora divorced and Kenny and Tzipora began a life together as well as becoming the High Priest and Priestess of Blue Star with a focus on the Celtic pantheon rather than the Greek Pantheon of earlier times.

From 1986 to 1992, Kenny and Tzipora became entertainers on the Ren Faire circuit, collecting students in those areas. Because of their traveling, they began sending out “teaching tapes”, detailing what became the Blue Star curriculum. They established small “study groups” throughout the country in what eventually became the Blue Star tradition.

In 1992, Kenny and Tzipora went through a divorce that rocked Blue Star. Out of the ashes of that time, the beginnings of what became modern Blue Star arose including the basis of coven autonomy which remains the backbone of Blue Star. Although we retain close familial ties with the covens within our tradition, we hold strongly to coven autonomy with each coven’s leaders being in control of and responsible for their individual covens. At separate times in 1992, both Kenny and Tzipora left the Blue Star tradition.

Today, Blue Star has over 200 initiates with many more family members at our grove level. Our largest areas of concentration are in the mid-Atlantic, New England and Minnesota areas, though we do have other covens and groves and individual initiates scattered throughout the United States and some in Europe.

Blue Star has a tradition of family and initiate gatherings, with a goal (not always met) of meeting every 2 years. This allows different covens and groves to meet and deepen ties and to learn from each other.

In 2010, the Blue Star Foundation (BSF) was created. The BSF was created to support the tradition, not to act as a governing body. The BSF sponsors and maintains these websites, acts as a repository for trad knowledge and holds seed money for the Gatherings.

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