We are an irreverent and motley crew of deeply devoted individuals. MIRTH goes with our reverence.


I'm Lapis. I've been pagan for 23 years now.  I discovered witchcraft during my first semester of college.  I was eclectic for a long time until I stumbled upon Blue Star Wicca.  I circled with Summer Oak for a while before becoming a student.  I've been in Blue Star for more than 12 years now and this is my home.  I'm an Initiate and one of the founding members of Wellspring Grove and Coven.  Now, I regularly bring my daughter with me to ritual.  She's loving learning about the gods, ritual, and magic. 

The thing that I love most about witchcraft is that it is about the self and the connection with everything and everyone around you.  If I do something bad, it is on me.  There is no absolution.  However, if I work hard and make something happen, it is also on me.  Additionally, it teaches that all things are beautiful and gifts from the gods and from nature.  The only thing that is bad is causing harm.  

My background before Blue Star was pretty eclectic.  I've done shamanic work, energetic healing and cleansing, ghost hunting, and all that sort of fun experimental stuff.  I keep those skills in my back pocket and pull them out as needed.  I also like to think of myself as a kitchen witch, using the tools I have available to do the work needed.  


I'm Miel. Pagan for 17 years and studying Blue Star for 14. I'm a healer by trade and specialize in making space to allow magic to happen. I am the resident Third Degree to go to in Wellspring. I look forward to fostering the personal growth that the people who grow with us are working on.