Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Miel is on her way to visit family for the holidays.  We are hosting at home with a close friend.  It'll be low key but a day with good friends and tasty food.  

One of my favorite things about the Blue Star Tradition is the Orphans' Thanksgiving.  Many of us are transplants and away from our family.  One family opens their doors every year to anyone who wants to come and join them for Thanksgiving.  It is always potluck but they work together to try to make sure that they have all the traditional foods.  It's a huge meal, full of great food, and with great company but none of the bickering that you often get with blood family.  

After the dishes are cleared away, the big table is broken up into smaller tables and everyone plays games until they are tired and ready to go home. The fun and fellowship goes on into the night.  Snacking happens on and off throughout.  

So my wish for you all is that this Thanksgiving be filled with lots of good food, lots of love, and lots of fun.

All the best,