Full Moon & Herbology Yesterday

With our little group, things don't always go as planned, but we adjust and adapt and move on.  One of our group got sick.  She tried very hard to hang in there but ended up having to go home early.

We did not do ritual but we did another practice altar set up with plenty of time for Q&A about the altar, why we set it the way we do, and what the different items on the altar are for and what they symbolize.  We did our Herb Fairies study, but to our surprise we did not have chickweed nearby.  We may have to go on a bit of a hunt at new moon.  We did a walk around the yard at the covenstead and found several different herbs and talked about the differences between some that look very similar to others.  There was some talking about native vs non-native plants.  We dug into our books and researched those herbs as well as the ones we used in our cooking.  It ended up being very educational and fun for all of us! 

And as always, a delicious feast!  With the lemon garlic chicken, lime oregano broccolini and brussels sprouts.  We ate our trad cakes for dessert and OMG they are amazing with those little cinnamon chips added to them!  

Gotta go plan for Pagan Movie Night!  

All the best,