Pagan Pride 2014

It seems like we are going to set up a booth at Pagan Pride this year.  Clearly it will be just an informational booth but we need to figure out what information to provide and have available.  Miel and I will both be there.  We've opened it up to any of our other Blue Star Family to join us.  Hopefully they will bring some ideas as well.

So far, I'm thinking we'll have print copies of the things we have available here, some sort of business card, print copies of Isaac Bonewits' Cult Survey, maybe a recommended reading list and I'm thinking an altar all set up as well.  Plus music.  There must be music!  Maybe food?  

Maybe I can lure a few of our tradmates to come out and sing with us on and off throughout the day.  

I'd love any suggestions!


All the best,