Statement on Devyn Christopher Gillette

Wellspring Coven and Grove publicly states that we no longer consider Devyn Christopher Gillette a Right and Proper Person. We name him Oath Breaker. As such, he has no Blue Star status in our eyes. He is not welcome in our rituals regardless of where they are held. His abuse and denial of tradmates' existence are well documented and have extended to the wider pagan community.

Because the Blue Star Tradition has no governing body, no one person or group can speak on the behalf of the tradition as a whole. Many of its practitioners can and have come together in number to recognize and repudiate abusive behavior. It is each person's and group's responsibility to speak and stand up for those unable to do so for themselves. No one, regardless of their elevation or number of years within the tradition, is above being held accountable for their behavior. Devyn's words and hatred are not representative of the Tradition, nor does he speak for the majority. We refuse to stand by and let such poisonous words stain our beautiful Tradition.

May this public declaration shine light upon bigotry and with the grace of the gods show him the error of his ways.

We the undersigned so declare,

Lady Miel, High Priestess, Wellspring Coven

Lapis, Wellspring Coven

Antler, Wellspring Coven

Bard, Wellspring Grove

Diana, Wellspring Grove