Wonderful Litha

Wellspring likes to do an outdoor picnic for Litha.  It's a pretty relaxed and casual affair where we often invite friends, family and other pagans to join us.  

This year we made the trip to Webber Natural Pool in North Minneapolis.  We had a lovely spread with way too much food as is typical for us in Blue Star.  Remember, if you ever leave feast hungry, it is your own damn fault as we always make enough to feed an army.

Two things stood out to me this year. 

First, it was wonderful to be outside and just enjoy the world.  There is so much turmoil and so much divisiveness right now.  We got to simply take a break from it all, spend time with each other and be peaceful.  

Secondly, several of us pushed beyond some things that are/were uncomfortable for us.  Sitting down and eating with people is one thing.  It definitely pulls you together and gives you a sense of community, but putting on a swimsuit and going into the pool is just a different level of intimacy.  Surprisingly, no one exploded.  No one died.  No one caught on fire -- although some of us are a little pink and crispy.  

We got to practice some self acceptance, together.  It's nice to grow with each other and independently together.  

And, if you've dug into our website, you'll see that this happened right as we are turning from the Path of Power of Love to the Path of Power of Music and Dance.  Great timing if you ask me!