The Ride

As the veil thins between the worlds and Samhain nears, the ride begins.  You can feel it in the air as we move from Summer to Fall.  It is that crispness that tingles the senses.  You just know that Death is around the corner.  Interesting noises float on the breeze and you instinctively want to run and play and hide all at the same time.

The Faeries are dancing.  And the Ride begins.  

Queen Mab and her Court ride throughout and collect those lost souls.  Though she mourns her Consort, she is single minded in her quest.  

During these times, pagans who are in sync with the faery world often have trouble sleeping or their sleep is very busy.  We ride with the Queen and help her in her work.  Or we support those on the ride and they feed off of our energy.  

Rest well my friends.  Rest well. 

All the best,