Why is Service Important?

In Wellspring, we feel that service is very important.  You may wonder why we feel that way.  There are two core beliefs that I feel pertain to this.  One is that we are all part of the same world and we are all interconnected.  One of the common ideas that you often see demonstrated in different rituals is that we are the weavers, we are the web.  When something affects one strand on the web of life, the ripples can be felt through all of the web. You can find this in several of our songs and chants too.  We are the weavers is one.  Fur and Feather is another..

Fur and Feather
Fur and feather and scale and skin,
Different without but the same within,
Many of body but one of soul,
Through all creatures are the gods made whole.

Words and music by Sable

The second core belief is the one of reciprocity.  Like attracts like.  What goes around comes around.  The Golden Rule.  Karma.  The threefold law.  If we turn a blind eye to those in need, then what will happen to us when we are in need?  And we'll all be in need at some point.  

We know that people have different abilities to give back to the community.  Some have time.  Some have money.  Some have both.  Some have neither.  The important thing though is to find that way that works for you.  As you may have seen in other posts, Wellspring bakes cookies for the holiday baskets for The Aliveness Project.  Miel used to do massage therapy there for quite a while.  

I am all about the dogs.  On Sunday, I did another transport run and helped to bring up 8 dogs from a kill shelter in AR to rescues in MN.  I got to tote 4 lovely pups from IA to MN.  I wasn't able to help on a different Saturday run from MO to MN but I did have a few extra bucks to send to one lady who was driving 12 hours to save those lives.  I had some time.  I has some money.  

I also send money to the Hennepin County Libraries, Minnesota Public Radio, NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota and Twin Cities Public Television.  Each year at the holidays, we do a donation to disabled veterans.  We've also done a few holiday donations to World Wildlife Fund and Heifer International.  The regular charities are just $10 a month.  

What if you don't have time or money?  Lots of us order through Amazon.com.  Did you know they have a special program at Smile.Amazon.com.  You can go in there and select one of the highlighted charities or you can do a search for one that is meaningful specifically to you.  I also click every day on the Greater Good site for animals, literacy, mammograms, autism, veterans... There are several!  And there is probably an app for that... I just found and downloaded Walk for a Dog.  You walk.  It tracks your walk just like MapMyWalk would do for you.  Then is sends money based on mileage to the animal rescue you chose.  You get healthier.  The rescue gets more funds.  

Remember though, service doesn't have to be through an established charity.  Maybe you know a new mom who could use a few prepared meals or a few hours of free time to shower, do some laundry and wash dishes.  Maybe you know a couple who could use a date night and you can watch their kids.  Maybe a friend is in the hospital and you can go clean their house for them.  

Service comes in so many forms.  As we uplift others, we uplift ourselves.  We create the rising tide.  

I encourage you to find something close to your heart and then find a way to give.  

All the best, 


Weekend Update with Lapis

It was a busy weekend!  

Back on our Home Page, we mentioned that we lead full and busy lives.  Yes, we do!  Both Miel and I were busy, busy, busy.  

Friday night, my hubby and I managed a date night.  We checked out Pinstripes in Edina.  It's a little expensive but it was so tasty.  The antipasto and cheese was pretty good but to be honest, I like Al Vento much more.  Then we played bocce.  We discovered that I can be a little cut throat when it comes to bocce and a few times, rather than get closer to the silver ball, I just knocked my husband's way out of the way.  Afterwards, we spent some time down at Centennial Lakes just sitting and people watching and chatting.  It was nice just to sit outside in the evening air.  

Saturday, we ran around like crazy people to get all of our errands done.  Duluth Trading is open now down in Bloomington so we headed out there for some clothes.  Just a few pieces to make sure they have the life cycle to make the price worthwhile. And then a stop at the Drooling Moose chocolate shop.  OMG!  The orange chocolate pecans are to die for!  There was food... And a corn on the cob from Popeye's that wouldn't stay in the bag so I was chasing the corn while my hubby was driving.  My beautiful daughter got all dressed up, with fairy wings and full of sparkles to run around at a party all night.  

Sunday, we did our first transport to help save dogs' lives.  We got connected with an animal shelter in Little Rock, AR.  They have a rescue coordinator so her job is to try to get the animals out of the shelter before they get euthanized.  She organizes runs from AR to MA and MN and I don't know where else to rescues that won't euthanize.  So we drove down to IA and back with four great little dogs.  Then we finished off our day with the Wendy Rule concert at the Eye of Horus. What a lovely strong voice!  I wanted to just close my eyes and soak it all in.

So why am I telling you all this?  Two reasons, we really do have busy lives and do things that aren't just Wicca-related.  And community service is important to us.  

Busy lives does make it difficult to schedule sometimes, but we know that we all have things going on.  There simply comes a point though where you have to set your priorities.  Sometimes, those are grove and coven.  Sometimes, it isn't. But clearly, we do not want to be the center of your life and vice versa.  Being a whole, healthy person is vitally important to being a happy person and being able to grow.  

And service?  

Both Miel and I know that our hearts and souls demand that we help others.  You may have heard "We are the weavers, we are the web".  If anyone or anything in our web is hurting and in need of help, we want to help them.  We want them to help themselves as well.  Miel does body work to help others.  My job is about the health and safety of people.  When we have people in our community in need, we often step up to help.  Sometimes organizing or sometimes simply doing our part.  The one thing that we do though as a group is cookie making for The Aliveness Project.  Every year as one of our Yule celebrations, we get together and bake dozens of cookies.  Dozens and dozens.  And now, I think my family and I will help save dogs by transporting them from IA to MN whenever we can.  It's good for the soul to do things for others.

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend, full of love and joy, like I did.

All the best,