Wicca 101 Begins!

Yes!  We had an excellent first class!  We sat at 1 registrant for a long time.  Miel and I were very concerned that we were not going to put on the class.  A couple weeks before, we bumped up to 6.  Enough for a class!  And then in the last few days, we jumped to 11.  11!  What an awesome number!  That meant the very witchy 13 total in our group with Miel and me.  

I think we had a great first class.  Every now and then I am reminder how well Miel and I complement each other.  This was definitely one of those times.  We naturally fed off of each other, picked up where one left off, and just that synergy.  Several of the class seemed to join right in there.  

The people in the class are great.  It is fun to see the ones that are clearly being led by the Gods.  And the curiosity and excitement is palpable.  And contagious.  As silly as this will sound to those of you who know me well, there are a few that we'll need to break out of their shells.  Yes, I just said that!  

We talked about ethics and expectations.  Even with this very serious discussion, we giggled and had fun.  I think we've got a great mix here.  I think we'll do wonderful things as a group!  I'm really looking forward to the coming year and growing with these people.  

All the best,