Mabon and Calling the Pagans Home

This year for Mabon we did a ritual focused on the sacrifices that are made by the Gods and by the land so that we may survive. The ritual was performed at the Covenstead by Cypress and other members of our Grove, along with a special guest from Acorn Grove. We made sacrifices and vows to our Gods, had a wonderful feast, and called the pagans home using the poem below. It was a lovely time of community, family, and love.



Poem: Kathleen Raine (1908-2003) ©2009 The Literary Estate of Kathleen Raine, from "The Collected Works of Kathleen Raine", Golgonooza Press, 2000.

Home, home, wild birds home

Lark to the grass, wren to the hedge

Rooks to the treetops, swallows to the eaves

Eagle to its crag, raven to its stone

All birds home 

Home, home, strayed ones home

Rabbit to burrow, fox to earth

Mouse to the wainscot, rat to the barn

Cattle to the byre, dog to the hearth

All beasts home

Home, home, wanderers home

Cormorant to rock, gulls from the storm

Boat to the harbor

Safe sail home

Children home, at evening home

Boys and girls, from the roads come home

Out of the rain, sons come home

From the gathering dusk, young ones home

Young ones home

Home, home, all souls home

Dead to the graveyard, living to the lamplight

Old to the fireside, girls from the twilight

Babe to the breast, and heart to its haven

Lost ones home