We Are a People of the Library, Not of the Book

A wise man once said that about pagans... Steven Posch to be specific about it.  Steven Posch is one of the leaders of our local pagan community.  He'll be doing the opening ritual at Pagan Pride by the way.  We do not have a single book that defines our religion like many other religions.  We have books and books and books.  We have historical books, herb books, mythology books, fiction books, archaeology books, etc.  

Miel and I were talking about what books to put down on our reading list.  We've sadly discovered that we apparently gave up reading books on Wicca or Witchcraft a while back.  So many of them are just crap.  The books that we refer back to over and over are reference books.  The books that remain on my shelf after 20 something years are reference materials.  The same is true for Miel.  

The biggest secret about magic...   Is that it is inside of you.  You don't need a book to tell you about it.  What you need is time and introspection.  Magic is happening all around you all the time.  You just have to stop and notice it.  

Did you see Apollo drive his chariot across the sky today?  And did you notice Demeter gathering the grains and turning Summer to Fall?  And will you see the work of Diana as the moon rises?  

Now, stop and be still for a moment.   Actually take notice of the world around you.  Find the magic.  You can do it!

Now, if you need a book or two to get started, I still keep on my shelves the following books:

Spiral Dance by Starhawk

Wicca: A Comprehensive Guide to the Old Religion in the Modern World 

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

And a little meditation music to go with them

All the best, 


Weekend Update with Lapis

It's been a pretty busy week.  Miel is off at the Basilica Block Party, enjoying the music of Delta Rae, Michael Franti, Ingrid Michaelson and more.  I"m jealous but really, I'm not one for big crowds.  

We got together Tuesday and went over the materials for Herb Fairies for tomorrow.  We're pretty excited.  We are going to gather at her house and go through the beginning parts of it then take our journal pages down to the park and see if we can find some chickweed.  If we do, we'll make one of the recipes that is included in the materials.  I'm thinking that I'll also bring my fave herb book The Master Book of Herbalism by Paul Beyerl.  (Clearly, I'm going to have to figure out how to underline text here.)  I really like his book because it is so easy to use, has multiple reference pages and indexes, and has the medicinal and magical uses for common herbs.    

I got all the things to make lemon garlic chicken for feast tomorrow.  It's pretty easy and very tasty.  All you need is a whole chicken, some lemons, lemon juice, garlic and onions.  I got four lemons.  I'm going to slice two of them in half and put them on the bottom of the crockpot.  Then slice one into rings and the other into quarters.  The one in quarters will go in the chicken along with some onion and some garlic.  The sliced lemon will go on the chicken itself.  Then add a little lemon juice and cook on low all day.  The chicken is super tender and juicy.  I think I'll add some rosemary and thyme.  We can look them up in the Master Herbalism book and talk about the properties of the herbs.  Food is magic!  And feast is super important in Blue Star and Wellspring.

I also am working on things for The Blue Star Foundation.  I'm on the Board of Directors and we are putting together different projects we want to work on to help support the Trad.  One of the things we are getting ready to launch is our virtual lending library utilizing Library Thing.  We've been adding our books out there so that others can search and borrow them from each other as needed.  

I guess the last thing that I wanted to touch on was the SUPER MOON.  It seems that every full moon lately is A Thing.  Well, this one is supposed to be another Super Moon.  That means simply enough that in the orbital path that the Moon takes around the Earth, this is one of the times when it will be very close to us.  It will look really big and is likely to be more intensely felt -- higher tides, more lunacy, etc.  For my sister, it means a serious lack of sleep.  She always gets pretty serious insomnia around the full moon but this one is being particularly rough on her.  

Hope you've all had a great week.  

All the best,