Yay Beltane!

Whoo hoo!  Beltane is here!  In Blue Star, this is one of our two hinge celebrations.  We pass the leadership from the priest to the priestess. It is the celebration of the physical union of the God and Goddess to ensure the fertility and prosperity of the crops in the coming year.  

So what about other ways to celebrate?  What if you are solitary?  Or have kids?  

One of our sister covens is having an outing to the Minnesota Arboretum for some fun and frolicking with the Flora and Fauna and all the beautiful new life there.  One year, we made flower leis.  There is a group of us that always go to the May Day Parade.  Each year there is a new celebration to welcome back the Sun and the warmth.  The Minneapolis Farmer's market is open.  There is a park within walking distance no matter where you are in the cities.  

Spending time outside in one of our many parks, looking at one of our many beautiful lakes is great way to honor the changing of the seasons.  

So get outside this weekend!  Let the sun shine down on your skin!  Enjoy weather where you can maybe show a little skin!

All the best,