Weekend update with Lapis

We are wrapping up a long weekend... Well, it is Saturday night and tomorrow is the housework day for us so most of the fun is over.  I'm going to try to do regular blog updates on either Wednesday night or Saturday night.  Those are the two evenings when I get the most peace and quiet.

Thursday, I pulled up the Herb Fairies info and reviewed it.  I printed up copies of all the materials for five of us.  I don't think I'm going to be doing that again though.  I think I'll just download the PDF files and email them out.  I can Chromecast them to a TV if we need the info on a larger screen together.  However, there are a couple of journal pages and a coloring page.  I may print out those or key pages that we may want to write notes on.  I'm really looking forward to starting this fun little study.  

One of the things that we focus on are the Paths of Power.  In our Trad, we have eight paths of power.  They correspond to the Wheel of the Year.  Typically a person has a particular affinity to one of them and delves deeply into it.  It is good to work through all of them though and have a bit more than a passing knowledge of all of them.  

Herbology is one of the Paths of Power.  It can be implemented not only in spellwork and healing but simply in decorating your home, creating better air for us to breathe, food for us to eat and the preparation of seasonal foods to connect with the land.  If you prescribe to Feng Shui, then you also know live plants can help improve the flow of energy through your home, clear out some of the energetic clutter and stagnation.  Certain plants bring certain energies.  Delving more and more into herbology can help just add a little bit more of living your path into your day to day life.

Tomorrow, I'll get to practice a little more of what I preach and work on the lawn and gardens with my family.  We have some weeds to pull, water the gardens, mow the lawn, and do some weed whacking around the edges.  

Until next week then.

All the best,