Back to Basics

It is amazing the things that become second nature after working on them, developing them, and making them your own.  A part of yourself.  And then when you stop to think about it and remember the steps and explain it to someone, it becomes new again.  Not only does it become new again, but it becomes more powerful.  

We talked about grounding, centering and shielding at class on Thursday.  We were asked if we still had to think about it and work at it.  The truthful answer is yes.  In fact that day, I needed help from Miel to ground and center myself.  It had been a very chaotic day and my energy was scattered.  After some intense rituals, I have to think about it.  

At one point, we consciously raised (or lowered) our shields and let them feel where they were.  It was interesting to have multiple people purposefully poking at me energetically.  Purposefully invading my space and my barriers.  I haven't played those sorts of energy games in a while.  

I'm really excited about the class.  I'm excited to see where they all go with this.  I'm also excited to see where I make new discoveries through the class and going through all of this again.  

All the best, 


Culling Year

Every few years, and very cyclical, I seem to experience a culling year.  This year is clearly one of those years,  Today, I heard about another death from a coworker.  I didn't know this person well, but saw him every day in the halls.  He was always smiling and always said hello.  This is the third death in three weeks of people at our office.  It is the fourth one this year.  

What do I mean by a culling year?  There seems to be a large amount of death around.  I'm sure that other people experience them in other cycles though.  These years are hard to get through.  I rely heavily on my friends and family to help distract me, get me out of my house and remind me that I have survived them before and will again.

I believe they hit me a bit harder than many people because I am an empath.  I typically do not miss those who have passed.  But I feel the sadness and grief of the friends and family.  With this happening at work, I'm surrounded by 400+ people who are grieving in some way.  

Over the years, I've learned how to build some pretty substantial walls to protect myself and to stay above the fray.  Every now and then, they simply aren't substantial enough.  Two weeks ago, we had two deaths in one weekend.  By the time Friday had gotten here, I just couldn't do it.  I was exhausted.  

So how does one protect one's self from this bombardment?  It's a little different for everyone.  You have to figure out what your source of power is.  For me, it is the solar plexus chakra.  Every day, I pull energy up through the earth and my body to my solar plexus and make sure that chakra is bright, clear, and spinning.  The light from there extends out from my solar plexus and creates an orb similar to an egg shell shape around me.  I see it as being inside a bubble of this energy.  Typically, it is fluid and clear and opalescent.  When I'm being bombarded with others' emotions, it thickens and hardens to prevent them from getting in to me.  

This is all part of Grounding, Centering, and Protecting.  I use simple visualization techniques to accomplish it.  But because it is a visualization exercise, each person has their own way that this manifests.  My recommendation is that you use meditation time to find and grow your own methods.  Once you find the visualization that works for you, hone it until you do it without even realizing that you are doing it.  As witches, we are so open to energy, use energy, and feel energy that it is important to know how to keep unwanted energy out.  

Keep breathing and stay centered.

All the best,