Hell in a Handbasket

Life went to hell in a handbasket this summer.  You can probably tell by the immense lack of activity on the blog.  Blue Star lost one of its own to cancer.  He was our lore keeper and loved by so many of us.  It's a loss that we will feel for many years to come. 

Additionally there were other frightening diagnoses to deal with and other deaths to deal with and then trying to pick up the pieces and become functional again and then suddenly school started...

It's been a rough ride.

However, we are happy to have found our footing again and planning again and doing again.  We finished out our Wicca 101 class and have decided to do public Blue Star New Moon rituals at local metaphysical shops.  The first two (December and January) are gong to be at the Eye of Horus. 

Blue Star as a Tradition is also moving and grooving.  We have two different new groups moving ahead with some very interesting projects.  I'm excited to be part of both.  I believe that both will help me grow as a person and as a priestess.  I'm certain that they will help the Tradition grow as well.  I think one of the great gifts that has come out of the death of our loved one is that we have really come together.   Like any large family, we have our squabbles but I think those squabbles are going to develop into some good and solid growth for us.  

Looking forward to what the future holds.

All the best, 


Our First Blog Post

Although Wellspring has been around for a few years now, we are just now really opening up our doors to new people.  Many of our founding members have moved to other states and we are down to just a few of us.  

We are seeking people who are ready to do some work.  Personal growth and personal responsibility are two big things for us.  We've met lots of people who have used Paganism as a point of rebellion from normal society.  For us, it is simply another religion.  We expect that people will have or are willing to see their faults and issues and own them, that they want to grow and to be better people.  We want you to be the best you possible.  But we can't make that happen.  You have to do the work.  

That said, we know that we are not perfect either. We are still growing and developing into our best possible selves as well.  Just keep working!  

And as serious as all that sounds, we also like to have fun.  We giggle.  We make mistakes and laugh at ourselves.  We are often laughing in ritual.  We firmly believe in the MIRTH part of mirth and reverence.  We like to play, find our joy, and share it.  

We are still building the website (clearly) but feel free to email us if you have any questions.  Stop back to check out the Seekers Survey, Curriculum and Bylaws. We hope to have them posted soon.