Element: Water

Every year, on Memorial Day, my inlaws go to the cabin.  It isn't their cabin but it is one that they have rented every year starting on Memorial Day and for the rest of the week for years.  They knew the previous caretakers really well.  Each week ended with a nice steak dinner.  

This was one of my favorite things each year -- until the kids started school.  Now, we just get to go for the first day.  We make the three hour drive, spend the day and then drive home that night.  I don't get to enjoy the lake itself, but I do enjoy the company of my inlaws.  

Any time I get to be near the water, I am happy.  It really speaks to my soul.  What is it about the water?

I think that if you have spent time near the ocean, you probably know what I am talking about.  With the ocean or the Great Lakes, there are the waves that rhythmically crash against the shore.  The simple repetitive sound can easily lull you into a meditative state.  If you sit quietly, your breath will begin to match its rhythm.  Your heart beat slows and your thoughts drift.  If you listen closely, you can hear the voices in the waves speaking their wisdom to you.

The lake is a different beast altogether.  It can be choppy on a windy day but it's not the same as the ocean waves.  But you never really know what the lake holds.  They can suddenly drop off into unknown depths.  The murky bottom holds all sorts of secret life.  A glassy lake reflects the heavens above.  And still doesn't tell you its secrets.  

Element water though is so much more than oceans and lakes.  There is water in what we eat and drink.  It is who we are.  More than half of our bodies is water.  It literally comes out of our pores.  That water inside of us, that is part of us, changes who we are day by day.  It is what draws us to the moon.  It is why people get so strange during a full moon.  We must honor that part of ourselves.  

We call upon the element of water in our rituals to bring us their special gifts.  Sometimes we specifically call them out.  For me, element water is also a protector and guardian.  It is a giant wall of water protecting the purity of what I do in ritual and in my magic.  Element water soothes me, washes away any pain or agony, and cleanses me -- physically and spiritually.  

Element water is a deep and profound thing.  I encourage you to meditate on the element water and find your own connections. 

All the best,