We are a small, but growing coven, focused on the teaching of Blue Star Wicca and the worship of the Gods. Our Tradition is very similar to most British Traditional Wicca groups. We have a highly structured elevation path that focuses on personal growth and development.

We are adults with families and work commitments who live full, well rounded lives. We are open to working with similar adults and possibly their children. We allow and even encourage family participation once children are old enough to understand and not interfere with rituals.

Wellspring is highly focused on Personal Development and Personal Responsibility. Growth is a continuous path for us: we expect the same from others. Stagnation is not living.

Blue Star and Wellspring have several different ranks. We begin with visitors, who then become students once they are ready to begin more in-depth study. Formal elevations are Dedicant, Neophyte, Initiate, Second Degree and Third Degree. At or after Third Degree, there is an additional Ordination Rite for those who want it. We expect that from Dedicant onward, the person will spend at least a Year and A Day minimum at each level.

We believe strongly in the presence of mirth and reverence. We like to have fun in ritual. We don't take ourselves too seriously. Even the Gods like to play! 

Blue Star:

Blue Star is a Teaching Tradition and has a hierarchical learning structure, but with none of the "holier than thou" - the structure exists to facilitate learning and growth, not authoritarianism. Each Coven is autonomous, though all are connected through a "family bond" - we call our bi-annual get-together Family Gatherings.



What is Blue Star? Where did it come from? What is its history? Glad you asked! Here you can find a few different links here related to our history from several people involved in the Blue Star Tradition.

Seeker Survey

We want to know who you are just as much as you want to know who we are. After reviewing the website, please tell us about yourself. We'll reach out to you after we go through your survey response.


If you are interested in seeing what you might be getting into, here is the work we require for the first elevations. We expect that a person will be at each elevation for at least a Year and a Day.


 As you can see by reading through our bylaws, we are serious about our path and our responsibilities, but we like to have fun. We all have majored in sarcasm, laugh at ourselves, and generally like to enjoy life.