Wellspring Curriculum

Regardless of prior experience and knowledge, everyone in Blue Star starts out as a student.  Blue Star takes many of its traditions from Alexandrian and Gardnerian roots, but it is a unique Wiccan Tradition to itself.

What is a Student?

A student is someone who has circled with Blue Star and wants to pursue Dedication to the Pagan Gods within the Blue Star Tradition. A student has asked someone to be their teacher to guide them in their learning of the Tradition. They are beginning to understand Blue Star ritual movements and utilizing them in circle. They are often an observer and participant in ritual but may also serve as a secondary officiant (Handmaiden or Summoner) with the prior express approval of their teacher.

Student Work:

  • Fill out General Survey (W)

  • Read and understand What Is A Cult by Isaac Bonewits (D)

  • Introduction to Blue Star (D)

  • Basic Circle Etiquette (D)

  • Basic Circle Structure (D)

  • Basic Altar Set Up (D)

  • Set up and work with a personal shrine and keep a daily journal to be reviewed at 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months (D,P)

  • Quarters & Associations (D)

  • Grounding, Centering, and Shielding (D,P)

  • Attend at least the following:

    • 3 New Moon Circles

    • 1 Sabbat Circle

    • 1 Outer Court Full Moon Circle

  • Drawing Down – What is it and why do we do it (L)

  • Describe the use and functions of Shrines.  Discuss your experiences with your personal shrine. (W)

  • Define Ritual (W)

  • Discuss the Paths of Power (D)

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the Tenets of Faith (D,W)

  • Read Over Nine Waves or similar assigned book to familiarize yourself with a myth cycle (P)

  • Write a letter detailing why you wish to dedicate yourself to the Pagan Gods (W)

  • Familiarize and work with one method of divination (P)

  • Write an essay on the topic of Community (W)

  • Discuss the role of Handmaiden or Summoner in a Blue Star Circle (D,W)

  • Discuss your attempts to see the Goddess in every woman and the God in every man over one lunar cycle (W,P)

  • Detail a selection of foods to be served throughout the Wheel of the Year and why (W)

  • Why is the altar at the center of the circle? (D)

  • Plan one complete meal and know where all your food comes from (P,W)

What is a Dedicant?

A Dedicant is a person who has petitioned for and been through the Rite of Passage of Dedication.

Dedicant Work:

  • Diagram the Blue Star altar set up. Discuss correlations to the Wheel of the Year, Paths of Power, and other seasonal/elemental symbolism. (W, D)

  • Pick and work with a deity pair for at least 3 lunar cycles (P, Group Ritual)

  • Power Raising and Grounding (D)

  • Research and discuss the tools of the Craft (P,W)

  • Begin a more in-depth exploration of at least one Path of Power (P,W)

  • Discuss energy work during New Moon Vows (D)

  • Why do we work with the elements?  Why do we invite them into circle? (D)

  • Discuss your attempts to see the Goddess in every man and the God in every woman over 1 lunar cycle (P,W)

  • Compare a day in your life with the Wheel of the Year (W)

  • How and why would you incorporate ritual into your daily life? (W)

  • What is your opinion on animal husbandry and slaughtering your own meat? (W)

  • Serve as Handmaiden or Summoner for at least 3 circles (P)

  • Read and discuss Craft History, the Wiccan Rede, and the 13 Principals (D)

  • Write a set of Elemental Meditations (W)

  • Why is the plant in the North East? (W)

  • Attend rituals for at least 3 other Traditions and discuss the differences (P,W)

Preparation for Neophyte Work:

  • Write a letter detailing why you want to become a Blue Star Initiate (W)

  • Write a New Moon Ritual (W)

  • Serve as Priest or Priestess for a New Moon Ritual (P)

  • Set up and work with your personal astral temple (P,W)

  • Attend the cakes class (P)

  • Discuss the significance and symbolism of the Great Rite (D,W)

  • Discuss the role of the 4 officiators in a Blue Star Ritual and their relationships. (D,W)

  • Begin more in-depth exploration of at least one additional Path of Power. (P,W)

  • Write an essay on the topic of Sacrifice (W)

  • How to prepare ritual bath and splash (D,P)

  • Initiation vs. Grove (D)

  • Invocation Work: What is it, what is it for and not for, what should you do if it happens and why you should wait (D)

  • Sacred Geometry, Symbols and ritual application (D,W)

  • Discuss the nature of Sacrifice with regard to each of the Sabbats (W)

  • Place the cycle of a deity of your choice on the Wheel of the Year (W)

  • Write a Wine and Cakes blessing (W)