April Showers

April and Spring are both here.  The good news is that the Sun is back!  Yay!  Miel and I are both solar powered creatures.  Winter takes a huge toll on us.  However, that is done!

We have met and discussed our goals for the coming year.  We've written them down, committed to them, and started on them.  

Spring is a great time to do that.  Take stock of your houses, clean them out, set down your goals and start again with renewed confidence and vigor.  

Some of the fun lore that we incorporate into our lives with the cleaning and preparing are:

All the holiday decorations, especially anything with those evergreen needles, needs to be out of the house by Feb 2.  Otherwise, all those little needles turn into little gremlins that wreak havoc on your home.  

Spring Equinox or Ostara is the time to plant those seeds.  Here in MN, that means you can set up your starter seeds for growth in the basement under the grow lights.  But it is also is for those seeds of creation.  Miel and I, like I said earlier, sat down together and wrote down our goals for the coming year.  These goals though can be anything!  Start planting those seeds to continue your education, to find a new job, to start a new project, to learn a new skill.  This is a great time for all those things.  

Good luck with your seeds!

All the best,