Pagan Movie Night

Wellspring hosts Pagan Movie night on the first Friday of the month.  This month, movie night is on July 4th.  With Con, BBQs and fireworks, we are skipping it.  We'll be back next month for it.

Pagan Movie Night is a way for us to foster community, support each other as pagans and have some fun.  It's been mostly at my house (Lapis) but sometimes happens at Miel's.  We like to gather about 7pm and start the movie shortly thereafter.  Kids are welcome, unless the movie is not kid-friendly.  So far, they've all been kid-friendly.  We always have popcorn, water, tea, and milk available.  Often times, I've ordered in pizza (including GF and vegetarian as attendees want/need), set  up other snacks, and drinks.  

On Facebook, I set it up as an event, poll for movie suggestions, and then send out a final post with what we are watching.  

Sometimes, it is nice just to hang out and relax.  This is one of the ways we do that.