Back to Basics

It is amazing the things that become second nature after working on them, developing them, and making them your own.  A part of yourself.  And then when you stop to think about it and remember the steps and explain it to someone, it becomes new again.  Not only does it become new again, but it becomes more powerful.  

We talked about grounding, centering and shielding at class on Thursday.  We were asked if we still had to think about it and work at it.  The truthful answer is yes.  In fact that day, I needed help from Miel to ground and center myself.  It had been a very chaotic day and my energy was scattered.  After some intense rituals, I have to think about it.  

At one point, we consciously raised (or lowered) our shields and let them feel where they were.  It was interesting to have multiple people purposefully poking at me energetically.  Purposefully invading my space and my barriers.  I haven't played those sorts of energy games in a while.  

I'm really excited about the class.  I'm excited to see where they all go with this.  I'm also excited to see where I make new discoveries through the class and going through all of this again.  

All the best,